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How to Fish by Chris Yates

This book is an instructional manual to teach a beginner a few things about fishing. It tells the story of how a full day works and all the elements that go into it. This book celebrates the art of fishing and emphasises the beauty of the hobby.

Still Searching by Terry Hearn

This book will help an angler discover what it means to be a successful carp fisherman. Terry Hearn talks in detail about catching large fish. He speaks of the journeys he has taken to find larger species and about all the different factors involved.

The Secret Carp by Chris Yates

It is no surprise that this book is among the most favourite fishing books available on the market. Chris Yates tells a story of a particular fishing adventure. It takes the reader on a journey just like “How to Fish”.

A Passion for Angling by Chris Yates

This book is a descriptive retelling of fishing in the 90s and all the hard work that went into practising the hobby at the time. It includes various amusing stories from that time period. This book relates to a television series of the same name.

Individuals that enjoyed the television series find the book to be very enjoyable. However, those unfamiliar with the series may still find themselves longing for the river’s edge themselves.

In Pursuit of the Largest by Terry Hearn

This is a riveting tale of Terry Hearn’s journey to catching the largest fish in the United Kingdom. This book will provide anglers with some fishing tips and some additional advice about catching such elusive fish.

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